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A World of Broth Benefits

The newest trend around the world is to consume bone broth in place of coffee, energy drinks, and pop. A few places have already adopted this new energy drink, but the Big Apple is the first to serve it through specialized shops. We know when New York jumps aboard the health train, there must be something special about the item, so we did a little digging around and found out a few pieces of information that are of definite interest.

Class Up Your Thanksgiving Feast with Fine Wines

American Thanksgiving is here! We need to admit that one of the best parts of Thanksgiving and the holidays is the food. Hence, we feel like if you have an unforgettable feast with truly good wine, you can burn everything off on Black Friday with the best form of cardio there is: Bargain shopping. In case you are still looking for some all-time favorites and also experimental pairings for your Thanksgiving dishes, this is where you need to be.

Tipsy Tuesday: Choose the Best Vintage

Vintage variation is not a widely used term, but it is one that is commonly spoken about when speaking about wine and the difference in taste from year to year. I am sure almost everyone has noticed that a wine, from the same brand, will taste different each year. It is this very difference in taste that is referred to as vintage variation. This variation is a factor winemakers work their best to eliminate, but their success has been limited.

10 Italian Creations That Don't Get Enough Attention

Loving Italian food is sort of like loving music - it is an unspoken must, which is why we can safely assume that loving Italian food is almost universal. A surprising aspect about people is that we often stick to what we know and usually go for the usual suspects like pizza, variations of pasta with a myriad of different sauces, and desserts like Tiramisu where Italian fare is concerned. But believe me, these are not the only Italian eats we should be focusing on; the culinary landscape of Italy has a lot more to offer than you might think. So, would you care to celebrate our shared love of Italian cuisine with these 10 brilliant albeit overlooked concoctions?


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